Hello and welcome :D

Hi!  This blog is the home of my very first (published) legacy challenge – a Sims 4 legacy currently in progress.  If for some reason you are reading this with no idea what a legacy challenge is (or you’re rusty on the rules), check out Pinstar’s challenge here.

A few notes before you jump (or are tipped) right in:

  1. My chosen succession law is Modern Equality (meaning heirs can be of any gender and can be either born or adopted into the family), and hopefully I’ll also be adding Democracy – meaning that you, my readers, if indeed there are any of you out there, will be choosing each generation’s heir when the time comes.  (In the absence of readers I’ll soldier on using the Random rule instead – heirs will be chosen by a number generator.)
  2. Speaking of random, my founder was created lovingly by me in CAS, but traits and aspirations of all children born into the legacy will be randomised using this generator.
  3. This is my first published legacy challenge and my first published Sim story of any kind.  Any comments / tips / gentle criticisms are welcome.

Enjoy!  Start at the beginning here – Gen 1.1: Meeting our founder.

Hello and welcome :D

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