Gen 1.2: Bathroom Building (a mini chapter).

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A: Told you, didn’t I?!  I told you I’d get my own shower! That’s right, Alexa got a promotion on her first day, making enough money for a shower and an extension to her three-walled bathroom.06-18-15_11-55 AMA: I could’ve afforded another wall!  Just…  Not a door…  So…

Yeah.  Anyhow, every spare moment she got, she started painting, and in no time she’d reached the first milestone of her aspiration.  She worked hard every day at work and she was often tense when she came home, so as soon as we were able, we invested in a coffee table and a penguin TV to help her unwind, along with a kitchen counter and some more walls and a hideous door for that bathroom.06-18-15_12-17 PMHer mother always told her TV would rot her brain, but it turns out channel surfing is just what she needs to get her spirits back up after a long day at work – on Friday evening she came home with the biggest smile on her face and a promotion to Starving Artist!  Things are definitely heading in the right direction. Hey, Alexa, you’ve got a couple of days off coming up…  Maybe you could hit the town, see if you run into any interesting sims?

A: I suppose…  Can I paint too?

Gen 1.2: Bathroom Building (a mini chapter).