Gen 1.2: Bathroom Building (a mini chapter).

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A: Told you, didn’t I?!  I told you I’d get my own shower! That’s right, Alexa got a promotion on her first day, making enough money for a shower and an extension to her three-walled bathroom.06-18-15_11-55 AMA: I could’ve afforded another wall!  Just…  Not a door…  So…

Yeah.  Anyhow, every spare moment she got, she started painting, and in no time she’d reached the first milestone of her aspiration.  She worked hard every day at work and she was often tense when she came home, so as soon as we were able, we invested in a coffee table and a penguin TV to help her unwind, along with a kitchen counter and some more walls and a hideous door for that bathroom.06-18-15_12-17 PMHer mother always told her TV would rot her brain, but it turns out channel surfing is just what she needs to get her spirits back up after a long day at work – on Friday evening she came home with the biggest smile on her face and a promotion to Starving Artist!  Things are definitely heading in the right direction. Hey, Alexa, you’ve got a couple of days off coming up…  Maybe you could hit the town, see if you run into any interesting sims?

A: I suppose…  Can I paint too?

Gen 1.2: Bathroom Building (a mini chapter).

Gen 1.1: Meeting Our Founder.

06-18-15_9-43 AM-2

On the day she became a Young Adult, Alexa Legacille decided it was time to go out on her own.  A creative, ambitious loner (and muser), her dream was to become a painter extraordinaire.  Her parents had never approved of this aspiration, never even letting her build her skill at home.  But now she was free to follow her dream.  With her meagre savings in her pocket, she headed for pastures new – a property in Willow Creek left to her by a mysterious, eccentric relative.

06-18-15_9-43 AM

A: You sure this is the right place, Watcher?

Yup.  Sorry, Alexa.

A: What do you mean sorry?!  This is amazing!  It’s huge!

It’s…  Empty.

A: It’s empty right now.  But I’m going to build a legacy here.  I’m going to start over, I’m going to make something of myself!

06-18-15_9-50 AM

With her savings, Alexa managed to buy a toilet and three walls to go around it (it’s okay, she’s got pixilation for privacy) and a cheap fridge and bed.  And she finally bought an easel, grabbing a few aspiration points straight away.  It wasn’t long before she was feeling happy – it was so good to be all alone in her very own place.  Now to get started on that aspiration.

Alexa’s first whim (well, third, after Be Alone and Buy An Easel) was to finish a painting – now that she was free, she couldn’t wait to get started!  And get started she did.

06-18-15_9-53 AM 06-18-15_10-43 AM

She painted this adorable llama – not bad for a first time painter! – and sold it to a collector for a small profit just in time for some neighbours to appear.

This welcome party consisted entirely of Alexa chatting to Eric while Alice and Dennis faced in opposite directions on their phones.  Maybe her big empty property and open air toilet made them feel awkward around her.

06-18-15_10-51 AM-4 06-18-15_10-49 AM-2

Even though they were mostly ignoring her presence, all these strangers started getting on the bad side of Alexa’s Loner trait – she doesn’t hide her tension particularly well, does she?  She got in a few more jokes and friendly interactions with Eric before she cracked and asked them all to leave.  Once they were gone, she had time to reflect on her very first painting.

A: This is it, Watcher!

This is what?

A: This is what I’m going to do with my life.  I’m going to call and get a job as a painter right away!

Oh, Alexa, it’s not always that ea-

06-18-15_11-09 AM

A: Hello, yes, is this the painter career?  I’d like to join please.  Starting tomorrow?!  Perfect!

The job came with a daily task – create paintings!  Alexa couldn’t believe her luck.  She got started right away.  In the back of her mind, she was thinking of her legacy, how she’d need a spouse if she was going to build the big, successful family she imagined, but right now she’d had quite enough of other sims and just wanted to focus on her paintings.

She did enough painting to build her skill to level 2, complete her daily task and buy a barrel to put her used plates in, then had some yoghurt before getting an early night – tomorrow would be a big day, her first day in the painter career!  And anyway, she needed extra time in the morning to go to the gym and get a shower.

A: All temporary!  Soon I’ll have my very own shower!

Here she is after her thoughtful shower at the gym, all inspired and ready for her first day at her new job.  Break a leg, Alexa!

06-18-15_11-24 AM

I’m going to round this post off with my favourite of Alexa’s paintings so far:

06-18-15_11-15 AM

See you next time!  Gen 1.2: Bathroom building (a mini-chapter).

Gen 1.1: Meeting Our Founder.

Hello and welcome :D

Hi!  This blog is the home of my very first (published) legacy challenge – a Sims 4 legacy currently in progress.  If for some reason you are reading this with no idea what a legacy challenge is (or you’re rusty on the rules), check out Pinstar’s challenge here.

A few notes before you jump (or are tipped) right in:

  1. My chosen succession law is Modern Equality (meaning heirs can be of any gender and can be either born or adopted into the family), and hopefully I’ll also be adding Democracy – meaning that you, my readers, if indeed there are any of you out there, will be choosing each generation’s heir when the time comes.  (In the absence of readers I’ll soldier on using the Random rule instead – heirs will be chosen by a number generator.)
  2. Speaking of random, my founder was created lovingly by me in CAS, but traits and aspirations of all children born into the legacy will be randomised using this generator.
  3. This is my first published legacy challenge and my first published Sim story of any kind.  Any comments / tips / gentle criticisms are welcome.

Enjoy!  Start at the beginning here – Gen 1.1: Meeting our founder.

Hello and welcome :D